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Originally Posted by Brutur
Yes, of course... I'm going for inspirational walk around the corner nearly everyday. I do this at midnight, when no soul wanders thorugh the ill-lighted streets. I think about certain Topics or concerns, and build those ideas into complex ideas. Well, when I'm finished with my thinking process, I go to the nearby forest here, with pen and paper, and jsut write down my Ideas on paper. I think about them more and more, till something strikes me and makes me write it down in a poetic way. The quietness in the forest helps me to develop my ideas, and the sorrounding helps me to find the right words to use.

Do you write only about specifics or is there no limit to subject matter?
Well, the subject matter is from day to day different, because I think about different topics/subjects which have influenced my being itself from certain happenings.

Interesting, I grab inspiration at 'silent' moments too. for instance when I'm riding the last train home at night. or when I'm driving through some pretty scenery on my motorbike, I usually stop to chill out for five minutes and enjoy every bit of it. Allways when there's no soul around.. I like silence and desolation at times.

I don't write about specifics but there's usually a life's lesson or experience in my lyrics. that's why I'm not all too eager to post them down every time. Some make it onto a cd, most don't. Most of them stay mine.

Anyways, interesting topic. I haven't been around for a while but it's good to see some people still put some effort in this forum, for that, I salute you.
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