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I have had to deal with too many shitty rock drummers who play the same fucking rock/pseudo jazz beats bitching about Death metal/metal in general drumming, so yes when one more person makes an idiotic comment I do look loving towards my samurai sword with evil ides of dismemberment

Ps I finally got the Flo Drum dvd, it is fucking awesome, you all need to get it and see it, very worth the money my parents paid for it (yeah it was my chrissy pressy) the first DVD is Warm ups, stretches, exercises and the grind library which gives you the basic blast and grind beats there some other stuff I haven't accessed yet, the second DVD is what REALLY makes it worthwhile, shit loads of flo solo footage and Cryptopsy footage and lots of awesome stuff!!!
omg t3h @x1s p3d@ls @r3 t3h b3st!!!!!!1!!11
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