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Originally Posted by NZ black metal drumm
not it isn't though that is the point, because it ISN'T all double bass n shit,........ thats why I get fucked off to high hell when some stupid idiot says that, on a general drumming forum I can live with it, when you come on to a metal forum, and say that shit, you should fuck off.

1: That's exactly what I meant - it isn't all "double bass n shit", but the fact that people think it is is the reason death drummer don't get the 'recognition they deserve'. Question answered.

2: I know NZ isn't exactly a very conducive place to creative life and personal development, but "getting fucked off to high hell" because of what some twit says is just pointless. If I was a stupid idiot I'd be laughing my stupid idiotic ass off at yours and Execrator's responses. Fortunately I'm staring at the screen with a blank expression instead.
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