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Saying 'ah its all speed n double bass n shit, anyone can do that' is a perfectly reasonable answer to the question of why death metal drummers don't get the 'recognition' they 'deserve'. It doesn't mean it's right, it shows the reason someone would not give 'deserved recognition' to death metal drummers and thus provides an answer to the original question.

not it isn't though that is the point, because it ISN'T all double bass n shit, Death metal drumming is the hardest form of drumming IMO, I mean Jazz is hard as fuck due to the technical nature of the style, but Jazz drumming isn't anywhere near as Physically demanding as death metal, sure you have drummers like Paul from CC who's style is raw, un technical straight out aggression, for the style and the band is perfect, then you get cats like Flo who do stuff that can make Jazz drummers wince at twice the speed that they would do it in Jazz etc. thats why I get fucked off to high hell when some stupid idiot says that, on a general drumming forum I can live with it, when you come on to a metal forum, and say that shit, you should fuck off.
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