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Originally Posted by johnmansley
There was a non-playable demo that came with the PSP and I honestly thought the in-game footage was a movie. It looks absolutely awesome.

Do you know what game?

Originally Posted by humancorpse
gta is the most important thing for me too, no dubt. I just got Liberty city stories though, the one for psp. Not bad for a hand held consol.

There's a GTA style game coming to the 360 in March called Saint's Row...
Oh and how's your PSP? I'm currently deciding wether to get a PSP or DS, and so far I'm leaning towards the DS. The PSP is quite expensive, and it hasn't got anything new to offer in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Zertonshfits
im an Xbox guy myself, so i think il stick with that. it seems to have more FPSs and RPG games then Playstaion or Nintendo. and better graphics

Actually the PS2 has tons more RPGs than the Xbox, but I get what you're saying: the Xbox has more European style RPGs. I'm an Xbox guy too, since most of my favourite titles are exclusive to Xbox/PC (Think of games like KOTOR I/II, Fable, Morrowind, Halo, Call of Cthulhu, Half Life 2) and I consider the Xbox to be a mini PC gaming machine.

Also the Xbox seems more, how can I put it, "organic". Whenever I think of Playstation I think of something cold and unnatural. Weird huh?

Originally Posted by humancorpse
I hear ps3 is gonna be shown at some gaming festival ( in lack of a better word.) Should be cool to hear about how good it actually is.

Well like I said, Sony's holding an event sometime in February, but I don't think that's what you're talking about. Do you mean E3?

With the new consoles, I'm definitely getting either a PS3 or 360, but I'm waiting a while to see how things play out. I might get a Revolution after though, If I deem it worthy.
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