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I recently bought Quo Vadis' new dvd Defiant Indoctrination which is incredible and I highly recomend anyone who loves technical death metal to check it out. Several songs on the dvd are not tabbed but are definetly worth the effort, mainly To The Bitter End and Legions Of The Betrayed. On the dvd they have a guest guitarist, Alex Auburn of Cryptopsy, for Legions of the Betrayed and he does a very intriguing solo near the end which is in very good view, as is all of the guitaring for the song. Some of this song has been tabed for bass and ive managed to figure out several areas of the song but not enough. I would really appreciate some help from a seasoned tabber/ Quo Vadis listener, ESPECIALLY anyone who has seen the dvd and therefore knows what I mean. The dvd helps for tabbing and im gonna try and use the good angles to my advantage for now, ill try to tab what I can. Ive seen some other Q.V. threads but this is much more specific.

ive been listening to em for a while i own 2 cds of theirs, excellent indeed, so yeah any help would be much appreciate; and seriously Alex Auburn's appearence on the dvd is extreme

OH, and P.S. : Anyone who has seen the dvd that can tell me what type of Ibanez Alex Auburn is playing there please do, im asuming its somethin close to the S470DXQM but without a 5th pickup...anyway, HELP
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