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I don't how much money that is but I can give you some ideas of good metal guitars in a wide price range, snice I'm in the US I'm not gona list the prices though.
classic:a Les Paul is a solid choice, Epiphone or Gibson whichever you get is a great chose, and it just a great ax to boot. For even less you could get a Squier fat Start, it wouldn't be my first choice, but I have bought one when I only had a little cash and it really didn't sound too bad.
modern: Ibanez makes a couple of differnt ax's that sound really good and don't cost too much, the GAX or AX lines are a good place to start. They also make some cheap RG's and those really rock. Also PRS has started makeing a line called SE their almost the same thing as the Custom line (main changes are wood and arch tops) and have alot of differnt guitars to chose from, all of witch are really cheap. Theirs also my personal favorit Dean, Dimebags guitar of choice (I know he used Washburns for a wile, but he played Deans snice he was 12). Dean has a wide varity of "metal" guitars, that adverage price being $300 in the US (I don't know what that is the UK but here thats cheap as hell for such a geart guitar). They have such classics as the flying V and the Z (a Gibson Explorer) and the ML (Dime's guitar), of course to get an actual "Dimebag" guitar it might get a little pricey.
Anyway these are just a few ideas to help you get started on you search, but you'v got to remember the most improtent thing about buying a guitar is that it really hits you, whatever it's called whatever it looks like, and even sometimes whatever it costs. I bought my first ML when I was 13, before I had ever even seen a pic of Dimebag, I just saw it hanging an the wall of that guitar shop and had to have, it took my a month or 2 to get the cash but I had to have it, and thats what really matters. If you start looking at the just the price you might end up with something that dosen't really suite you.
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