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how you guys feel about fellini?,i seen a couple of his films and what keeps me watching is how strange it will get, not so much that i even like it, even his earlier works. i have seen satyricon recently and i still dont know what to think

another completely wierd director is Jardowsky<i forget his first name>,my holy mountian,el topo, a couple others whose names escape me. movies so bizzare you cant turn your head, you cant leave the seat. then when its over everyone in the room starts laughing and shaking thier heads, i mean its good, but i cant explain what exactly these movies are about

this stuff is from one of my roomates collection, who really worships these kind of films. hes got the DVDs so i get to watch these movies, including the tarkovsky films, digitally mastered, it makes a world of difference to watch the dvds, especially tarkovsky, whose camerawork is highly regarded
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