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Tarkovsky's one of my favorites. I don't think of his films as having a lot of dialogue, though. You know somebody's good when Bergman sees him and immediately says 'I wish I could do that.' My personal favorite's probably The Mirror, but it's almost impossible to go wrong with his filmography. You might want to see The Sacrifice, since he basically uses Bergman's actors, screenwriter, and crew there.

Oldboy is great if you like a good, brutal revenge film. Very few are more thorough.

I wouldn't recommend The Machinist. It seems like a late entry to the 'trauma as an excuse to play with the narrative' film drive, and compares poorly both to other films using similar devices, like Memento or the amazing Lost Highway, and to the director's earlier work (Session 9). On the other hand, the opening sequence is great. But Lynch does the same so much better, starting back in '78 with Eraserhead.

Miike guest-starred in Hostel? Did Eli Roth think that if he kept getting other directors to involve themselves in his project that their talent would rub off? Cabin Fever didn't do anything to make me want to watch Hostel, and now I almost definitely won't see it. I'd rather just watch a Miike.

If you like the dialogue in Clerks, check out some of the early Hal Hartley. People spent about a decade trying to catch up to his sense of humor, and he still manages to be one of the most effortlessly funny guys out there. Not to mention good.

Cube is a good movie. Too bad they made such shitty sequels.

I didn't think that much of The Killing Fields.

I really don't consider movies a waste of time. When they're done well, they're as powerful or more than any other art form; when they're done poorly or made on the production line, they tell us more about ourselves (in a sociological rather than personal/artistic sense) than pretty much any other art form. I wish there were more that were done well, but that's life.

Anybody for Greenaway?
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