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Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
A couple of days ago I saw king kong. Great movie.

I really really hope you meant the 1930's version.

Anyway, recommendations from someone who spent all his pay checks on mushrooms.

The Ugly - Best film to come out of New Zealand, until that Whale Rider thing last year. If you're into serial killer films with an actuall story and depth, oh and black blood, watch this.

Oldboy - Basic premis is a revenge film, with essentially no good guys. Has the best scene with a hammer you'll ever see.

Pieces of April - Yes, it has Tom Cruise's (literal)love child, but, if you have a doof and have nothing better to do except breathe, watch it.

The Killing Fields - If you've never watched this you have no right to recommend a film, or have a brain for that matter.

The Machinist - This was totally slated in the British press, (from what I read anyway), but it's another overlooked and underhyped, better than "we prefer explosions over acting" films that are vomitted out of holywood every single

A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon) - Another Asian masterpiece that is horribly overlooked, and yes, I've heard there is a remake coming. Two sisters with a secret, or so you think until the end. (Probably better than Dark Water, Ringu and The Eye - also thrown in for recommendations, not the holywood wank by the way)

Save the Green Planet (Jigureul jikyeora!) - More asian master class lessons. I first saw this at a party, I was very stonned, the telling thing is, I enjoyed it when I wasn't too. It's about a guy who can basically be described as mental, who thinks aliens are invading the planet....though, scf-fi fans stay away.
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