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my roomate is a huge tarkovsky fan, soviet era sci fi in general, so ive watched alot of the guys films, the stalker<i think thats the name>,solaris,rubliev, couple of others. the stuff is interesting and most of it is good, but i feel a little brow beaten by the vast amount of dialogue, not to imply corny special effects would help or maybe an obligatory laser gun fight, they couldnt afford that shit under communism, but man........russians talk alot, like talk a real lot.

ive been into the western/samurai movie phenomenon that happened in the 60's and seventies where kirosawa movies where made into westerns and vice versa, fist full of dollars, magnificent seven. there are a couple of others that i want to look into because i had only heard about this recently.

this movie was filmed locally in providence, i am an extra in the final scene, i play a green zombie. friends of mine are in it too, ive havent seen this movie yet and it was made 2 years ago
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