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I know the best movies.

Donnie Darko [of course] - About time travel and shit and a 6ft tall bunny rabbit. Philosophical and shit, it rules.

The Dark Crystal - Awesome movie completely made of puppet actors its by Jim Henson [?] the guy behind Labyrinth, although TDC is a little more mature. And way cooler.

Labyrinth - Everyone knows this I think.

The Princess Mononoke - About humans versus the environment and Gaia in a bunch of Anime action and storytelling from the guy behind Spirited away and some other ones.

Dark City - About a guy who find he has telekenetic powers and sets out to find out why he is the only one that realises the City never sees daylight...

Cube - Bunch of people mysteriously wake up in a cube. There are doors on every side... leading to another cube. Trick is some cubes are deadly, they gotta find their way out.

Evangelion will always be my favourite but thats a series not a movei [although there are 2 movies in the series... ]

OH YEAH I forgot to mention Bad Boy Bubby - This is one of the most fucked up films. Bubby is raised from a baby in an apartment room. He is like 34, he has never ever left the house. He is mentally disabled, well at least never had any education. This is a fucked up movie [and I mean fucked up] about incest, denial of God, and his adventures as Bubby kills his mother and breaks out into the streets. Some of the events are having sex with a Red Cross worker, joining a bnad and going to prison, but this movie is ALWAYS nitty gritty and watching it will make you feel dirty, I mean its explicit for no reason at all. But its good and has some messages in it.
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