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You guys are missing the whole point. Most of these posts' have little to do with why extreme drummers don't get much attention in the drumming world.

"the reason jazz drummers for example get more attention is because they can keep perfect time on a funky time signature without screwing up, not just go really fucking fast."

Shut the fuck up. The reason jazz drummers get more attention is because jazz is more acceptable than extreme metal. It has nothing to do with playing ablility. Don't respond to this thread anymore if you're just going to make idiotic posts like that...

I would say a big part of why extreme metal drummers don't get attention is because alot of drummers have never even heard extreme metal. I post alot on a regular drumming forum. I've made a few threads with Derek Roddy videos just to show people some stuff. When I posted up the Roddy I, Monarch studio videos, only about 3 people responded. And there was over a hundred views of the thread. One guy said, "I wonder what the vocals would sound like to music like this." This made me realize that a chunk of modern drummers don't really care, don't know what to think, or have never heard extreme metal before.

And most likely when they will get exposed to extreme metal, hearing Cryptopsy or Origin for example, will completly make them think all metal drummers sound like that....

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