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Originally Posted by Zertonshfits
here, here!

and its not that extreme metal drummers arent good, it just that they usually all blast at 4/4 timing with double bass at 10000000 miles per second, it gets boring to other drummers, so in turn, they no longer care. the reason jazz drummers for example get more attention is because they can keep perfect time on a funky time signature without screwing up, not just go really fucking fast.

Well honestly any competent musician should be able to keep good time in any time signature, unless you're a flipping moron. The reason extreme drummers (as you probably know) keep simple signatures is because its much easier to play faster beats in such a manner, I'd hate to see some funky jazz signatures played at over 250bpm, that'd be a toughie!

Extreme bands in general are pretty generic, however there are some that stand out. The ones that do are probably the most kick ass musicians you'll ever encounter, mainly because a good metal musician (except vocals, generally) has to take in other styles to become great. So a great metal guitarist probably has dabbled in classical or prog, and a great metal drummer can probably tear it up playing jazz as well, roddy and flo as well as their respective bands for example.

The boys from carcass went on to do alot of different music, from country (walker) to classic rock (steer) to melodic death metal-sellouts (amott) as another example, although carcass arent too extreme anymore..
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