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i had a rant about this in another thread, and to anyone who remembers what i said id like to add.

a thing that, in my humble opinion, that sets metal drummers apart from the rest is metal drummers focus way more on the actual drumbeats than the fills, most good metal drummer if you listen closely to the drum fill parts its all usually straight 16s everywhere, the range of different drumbeats are staggering compared to other genres with the exception of jazz. the biggest complaints against metal drummers is "dynamics" which is utter BS, what other style of music utilizes the double bass so thoroughly?, what is the fusion rock equivalent of going from a blastbeat down to a slow brutal breakdown,there is none. who wants to listen to quiet music nowadays? NOONE. granted the blastbeat has riegned as the mainstay of tempo for some years now, bands are now really mixing it up more. we have entire genres of metal based soley on how fast it is and what drumbeats are utilized.

most of the naysayers ive encountered are hippy jam band weekend warrior types, dudes who have good rudiment skills and almost no drumbeat versatility beyond psuedo latin groove shit, i could give a fuck about your 164/932 bassanova headache of a drumbeat,these dudes only play one tempo, a tempo that suits rudiments for a person who has no handspeed.this is the type of asshole who gets the congo drums and chimes into the kit,you know, the really bunk world beat tribal drum shit. then you got the jazz dorks who are top notch in terms of rudiments and only play jazz, 3/4 of these dudes dont actually play along with thier accompanying band, listen to a jazz radio station and you will see what im saying, a very small margin of jazz drummers try to actually coordinate the accents,the beats, the fills to remebered parts or if its improv its not a mess which improv usually is anyway, but its like saying piccasso sucks at drawing, the shits a bit abstract and intended to be high brow, but some like me are convinced its all a scam. anyway, most are showboaters who enjoy playing far more than others enjoy listening to them, fuck them and thier 7A nylon tip sticks and thier nice little splash cymbal trees. then you get the out of shape beer gutted bar band rockers. kieth moon and john bodham are the intended goal and aspiration, these are the people when they grow old and tired of the craft, yours truly low-tech arrives at thier house to buy thier top of the line shit for half of what they paid.

edit: hmmm... i believe there is a 22" zildjian ping ride i may check out from an ad off of craigs list, i wonder what kind of drummer this is comming from
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