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Originally Posted by lohryx5
Hmm, very imformative viewpoint to add to this debate. Of course, there's no substance to it whatsoever. Care to explain why you feel this way or do you always drop in to slag something without backing it up.

dear, oh dear. Why do I feel this way? Sorry to "slag" on your favourite band, not my fault they suck. What do I need to back up? You want me to clarify on how I think they're one of the worst black metal bands EVER? It was an opinion, General Kvltmaster - obviously it'll differ from your point-of-view.

Generally the attitude I've seen towards this band, or something like Burzum, is this: like it, or you're not black metal. It is kind of like, liking Possessed if you're into death metal - simply because they were influential in said genre. It isn't metal to hate Possessed. Hence the kvlt-kiddie phrase.

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