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Originally posted by *Def-Fx*
Muslim who saw Jimbo when he was throwing down coins of the empire state building, the muslim had great respect for Jimbo because he killed a few people from the heavens (actually just the roof of the state building) and the muslim asked Jimbo how he did that...

Jimbo explained it to the muslim but the muslim didn't understand so he became verry angry and handed Jimbo a enveloppe filled with anthrax, but Jimbo didn't know how to open a fucking enveloppe so he asked the muslim to open the enveloppe, not knowing what had happend the muslim fell on the ground, dead...

Jimbo looked up and heard a lot of screaming people, behind him, in the woods, they stood, they where the Taliban... they actually scared the shit outta Jimbo so he screamed......

*ahem* do you know how fuckin offensive that is to me?
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