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Originally Posted by Nihilist
This album hardly constitutes what is necessary for a classic one. Darkthrone along with a few other kvlt-kiddie bands are the worst thing to have ever graced this Earth.

Hmm, very imformative viewpoint to add to this debate. Of course, there's no substance to it whatsoever. Care to explain why you feel this way or do you always drop in to slag something without backing it up.

I agree with what Hellblaster said, it was some quite new and uniqe when it first came out. Darkthrone had cast aside their death metal roots (ever heard their stuff when they were called Black Death, the Darkthrone demos, or even just "Soulside Journey"?) and gone into blacker realms with this album. A lot of bands did they same around that time, trying to talk the talk when it came to writing music that was more fitting for the term "death" since death metal just wasn't cutting it anymore. Put yourself back in 1991, and compare the album to other bands at that time.
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