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Nah, I know nothing of php and the like, only really flash, css and traditional HTML coding. Im behind the times, I should learn it but I havent the time.

To actually create the imagery, I use alot of found textures (Digital cameras and scanners, represent!) and work with them in Photoshop, adding layers on blending styles (Multiply, Overlay etc). Its really just all about knowing when to stop or how to arrive at something that looks good.

Typical process for that, was, to take a photo of a brick wall (I live in a pretty bad area so its easy), use it as a base. Duplicate it, blur it so its just shading area, then work on top that shaded area with more textures, trying to keep the image weighted. RoG was made with alot of different textures that were small enough on their own (I create 256x256 textures) and then pieced and spliced together so it never looked like they repeated too much.

Thats basically it, its alot of photoshop work, but theres also some stuff that uses traditional media, though that would be stylistically a departure from what you are talking about, I think?

If I can be of any more help, dont hesitate to ask as I dont explain things very clearly anyways.
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