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Forum Rules

Everybody who posts here should already know the general rules, such as spamming and flaming. They apply here. But here are some specific rules for a forum dedicated to the hopefully improving work of our board's poets and lyricists:

1. I want constructive criticism from all of you. If the poem/lyrics work for you it's fine to just say 'good job' or whatever, but if they don't, give some type of idea why and how you think they could be improved. I'll give you a post or two to elaborate an original statement, but if all you have to say is 'this fucking sucks' with no reasons as to why it fucking sucks, expect your opinions to start disappearing. I'd prefer if you could play nice, too, but I'm not requiring it of you. I'm just asking you to give reasons as to why you don't like something. Many of you do this anyway, so this shouldn't be too hard.

2. No off-topic bullshit. Anything you want to say that isn't pertinent to a posted work or the poster as poet or lyricist can go elsewhere. We have a bunch of forums to deal with all that shit, and I'll ask you to go to one of them if you really have to say something off-topic. Keep on-topic here and save the bullshit for Chit Chat.

This isn't a rule, but try and clean up anything you post here. Check for spelling errors and the like, so that posts don't have to be wasted pointing them out. This isn't required, but it will make things easier, since there are people here who will point them out.

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