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he grew a mullet and started listening to ac/dc. about five years later he became a roadie for cannibal corpse just before they were in ace ventura. he then married a girl from his home town and got her pregnant. when she had the baby it was deformed , so he ate it. it gave him terrible indegestion so he took some pepcid a.c. then the pepcid gavehim the shits . he went into the bathroom at k-mart. there were lines a mile long to use the stalls, so he shit in the urinal. at this point he came accross a chemical that when he pissed on made him invisible. he then went accross town savagely slaughtering people in the hood, because they had there rap up too loud and he hated rap. satan was so impressed he gave him an assignment. He had to go to iraq and slaughter saddam hussein beyond recognition,this gained him a spot in the underworld forever, as long as he didn't......
reign in blood from a lacerated sky bleeding its horror now i shal reign in bloodl
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