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..He decided, to leave, yes thats right, leave home he thought, his parents were bad to him, fed him shit all the time, he was fed up, he couldnt do anything in his boring old world, without his family bickering all the time...he grabbed his rucksack and left, he had a tear running from his eye as he wrote a note to his parents to explain all of it, he grabbed some food and the 20 from his drawer, he shut the door behind him as he sighed, ''Im gonna start a new life in a new place'' he said to himself, he knew that he didnt want to do this alone, so he thought of a freind a close friend his name was Troy Parker, he also knew that Troy was having family problems and was basically in the same situation as Jimbo, he called on him just as he was having tea, Troy was not allowed to come out, ''Shit'' thought Jimbo, i cant beleive im going to have to do this on my own, he walked out of there abode, and something struck his mind, he should by a dog, *mans best friend he thought* but he didnt quite know if 20 pounds was quite enough cash to buy a dog...

*2 Hours Later*

He had just reached the pet store, and entered the building..this old man with a long grey beard approached him and said ''Oi u get out of my shop'' 'If you want to buy a pet or any sort of thing from this shop u have to be accomponied by an adult..'' ''fuck'' he thought...*think quickly think quickly* he whipped out the choclate bar from his bag and choked the old man with it ..''AHAHAHAHAHAHAH'' He quickly hid the man in the back of the pet store in a bag ..''what have i done he thought''..nevermind that he was a bastard..he ran back out..and swiped the monkey out of its cage nearby...this will have to do he said..he didnt have time to choose a dog, before anyone nearby came into the petshop..and accused him of anything..he ran out of the shop with the monkey on his shoulder.....jimbo was about quarter of a mile away from the pet shop, not did he realise that the monkey was...
'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

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