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Posts: 4 is down ... This really fucking sucks and is one of the most dumbass things I have seen done out of greed. The general population does not even know what a fucking tab is, yet they feel this is a big enough problem if you could even call it that to go after. First of all most tabs available on the web were done by ear and are not direct copies of the small amount of tablature you can actually buy. The fucking inconvenience of it all too having to purchase the tabs for something you may not be sure you want to learn... Second we are just learning how to play songs to better our talent, gather influences and so forth, not trying to rip the people off we admire enough to learn their song... You’ll see these sites taken down, but this wont be like when they went after music sharing sites/programs. There won’t be any legal purchase sites for tablature because there won’t be big enough demand… This is rather fucking irritating, and I doubt a judge will realize the significance that the tabs are for us...
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