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Originally Posted by Throat Crusher
Your sources are bullshit my freind. I saw her live, and almost splooged. It was tottaly worth it. Although i got her on the first or second day of their Ozzfest Summer Tour. Fucking little bitch ass ozzy canceld his appearnce lol. =) Otep is ok, but she is layerd screaming i think, otep isnt bad live either. If i remember this band, its extremely brutal, has a chick singer. They have a bass player, drummer, and a vocalist... so its crazily raw. Ill find out and post a link.

Possibly thors hammer. Their vocalist is the only chick I've heard that is halfway decent. Death metal is a chauvanistic genre and I'm perfectly comfortable with the superior gender acting as the ruling class.

EDIT:And yes, Angela layers her vocals on the CD. Not even Frank Mullen could get that thick of vocals without effects.
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