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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Well, since we have a thread on this...

looking at D 0:54

Should I put N.C.(A) because it is tremelo picking just an a note until another chord comes along?

Nah you don't need to put in the (A) next to it, just leave it as N.C. I think you only put the name in brackets next to the N.C when there is only one chord being played amongst singletones during the next few measures/staffs. Just to imply it. The layout looks fine on your tab apart from you need a N.C at measure 34 and 54. I don't know the song so I can't comment on the accuracy.

Originally Posted by Exodus666
Thanks for the article. That fucking sucks. Like Necrophagist or Dissection will bring out a tab book. But probably they're targetting because of the more popular & classical music, too bad metal suffers from it as well.

It's not just power-tabs they're targeting, there's quite a few. I think PTA has just disabled downloads for now as a pre-cautionary measure.

On the other note, I remeber over at the Necrophagist board, Muhammed saying something about releasing a tab book one day. I reckon he will, so many people would want it.
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