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Originally Posted by PST 88
They all feature riffs by Dave. He didn't write the songs. I've said this about 10,000 times. Anybody who can be the least bit objective knows this, since Metallica's songwriting process is well-documented. Even Dave doesn't claim to have written those songs. Don't you claim it for him.

The way I think about Metallica and Megadeth is this: Dave, for pretty much his entire career, was one step behind Metallica because he let them define the rules. During the 80's he tried to outdo Metallica and couldn't; finally, with Rust in Peace, he made something that could stand with their best. Unfortunately, it came out in 1990, and by then the Black Album had come out and the rules of the game had changed; Metallica was verging on creative dissolution and Dave, in his endless attempt to outdo Metallica, sent his own band on the same downward spiral (in other words, he wussed out. Risk is both anything but aptly named, and the definition of wussing out like Bitchtallica). Finally, they both decided to put out a 'return to form' album, but this time something interesting happens: Dave finally manages to outdo Metallica. Whereas they put out really one of the most execrable metal records to make it to my ears, he put out an essentially soulless rehash of the more successful parts of his career. Is it great? No. Is it even good? Not really. But does it outdo St. Anger? Sure. Good for Dave. Unfortunately, the present has very little effect on the past, and even though The System Has Failed is better than St. Anger, claims that Dave Mustaine wrote Metallica's best songs remain false.

It's annoying having to keep saying this over and over again for the benefit of the ignorami who can't be bothered to read the thread before they post their bold assertions, isn't it?
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