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Jazz band has taught me hatred for the great Suspensions. . . well at least the Added tension ones that eventually give you hand cramps after two hours. The Circle of Fifth's mainly helps to Identify Key Signatures in Major and Minor Keys. It can be used for a little bit more but not much. while it does help with the V of I progression it doesn't much help with other common chord substitutions such as V of II(Secondary Dominants). Closely Related keys is pretty much what he was describing by showing the scale harmony of the triads, fe: (in C major) I C-E-G, ii D-F-A, iii E-G-B, IV F-A-C, V G-B-D, vi A-C-E, vii(half diminished) B-D-F. . . In comparison to C Major of course D minor(relative F Major) contains one flat(B) and also in comparison to C major, E minor(relative G major) contains one sharp(F), while taking that into consideration each of those keys are said to be "closely related" because the other two lie directly to the sides of C Major on the circle of fifth's. .. it is something to take into consideration because with pentatonics especially the positions are so interchangeable while soloing. I don't know if I answered anything or just rambled but yeah, later.
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