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you would pretty much follow the same routine with building a progression from the scale.....regardless of what scale you are using. say you took the "insert exotic scale here" would still build chords using every other tone, but instead of basic triads, you may end up with some really odd chords, you can even build the same way with progressions.....this is actually the basis of one of the lessons i'm working on for if you can find them...the old guitar player columns by joe satriani are great places to start, and there is even a compilation of some satch's columns in a book called guitar secrets. for even more ideas, i'd recommend the guitar grimoire books, and ron jarzombeck (the genius behind watchtower and spastic ink, who is also working on material with alex webster and chris alder) has a cool page with something new he has worked out.

hope some of this has helped....
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