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In response to your building chords from any scale. Just take whatever scale tone you wanna build a chord off of and skip every other interval. Example: build a chord off the 1st scale degree, take the 1 - 3 - 5. Wanna build a chord off the 2nd scale tone, take the 2 - 4 - 6. Etc etc... This will build you a chord unique to that scale. Another ex: build a chord off the 7th scale tone, this would be 7 - 2 - 4. It wraps around... Now, I'm not theory guru, but I believe this is correct.

Also, when I'm stuck in a rut. I use several of my resources for ideas. One being my guitar world and guitar one mags for ideas. I also like to load winamp with several different genres of metal that I enjoy and pull vibes from that too. Don't forget the internet. Try learning a new lesson, every time I learn something new or someone shines a light of a particular thing differently, it always spawns good shit.
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