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Chord Progressions and Rhythms

This isn't another chord progressions only thread like to other ones posted here. If I got my answer from the other posts I wouldn't have to post this. In other words, I have a new question, sort of.

Firstly, other than just taking the 1st, 3rd, and 5th note in a scale and playing the corresponding chord, what are some ways I can take any scale (not just the standard major/minor scales) and find out the chords that would sound good together in a progression. What I am kind of looking for is something along the lines of what someone posted regarding theoretical progressions. And what types of progressions would have been used in classical music? I want to apply these to my metal playing. Think early "Something Wild" or Sinergy or something of the sory.

Also, in terms of coming up with rhythms for a song/riff etc, are there any things you people do if you are stuck in a rut? Because I am having trouble writing creative rhythm parts, and for the most part good songs have good rhythms because rhythms are 70% of a song.

Lastly, I am still studying classical composition and stuff, if any of you have resources such as sites or books that cover composition techniques that say for example, Mozart would have used. You know, the things such as using pedal points, arpeggios, chordal stuff, chamber music, etc. I want to learn as much as I can so I can create some kickass melodic metal.


[Edit] Also, relating to my problem with writing rhytms, this problem is probably more so for writing good, driving song introduction riffs. Like ones that are fast but move into a melody, a la Hatebreeder (The Album)
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