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Circle of dead children newhell, not circle of children, and Cassius Children of Xenu sounds an awful lot like Children of Bodom. lol =). Anyways Cassius you have any mp3's? I know not to ask Newhell cuz he doesnt have a mic lmao. Oh yeah, im working on a sideproject type thing called Nephr, its death metal folk-lore, with egyptian themes, conceptual albums, or album lol, and it uses guitars, drumms, war horns, trumpets, orchestral, bass, and sitar type things in the music. So its got an overall cool sound with the brutal vocals, but on one main orchestral track there is clean vocals, and i havent decided if im gona use them again on this album. Im still working on a lot of it, but its sounding good. Ill post a myspace link when i get around to uploading the mp3's im on dial up lol.
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