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I stand by the sink

Noticed now that the cliché-emo-type title might scare some people away. And we don't want that, now do we?

Some swedes and other fanatical fans of a certain swedish popstar just might recognize the song being parodised, though it don't work perfectly in this English version. Other than that, what do you think?

Nothing is the way it should
No good wishing that it would
Wash up, clean up, bake up
Move the snow, watch it melt
Jobs are lining up in que
My spirit it is cracking - oh is this adieu?

I stand here by the sink
Though I'm free today
Yea, I stand here by the sink
Though the sun is shining bright
Shining still

For weeks my heart was aching
Holiday oh holiday please be here
Doubtless will it be different
Spare time heals the scars of soul
Not so, the dish is waiting
Chaining down my inner longing

I stand here by the sink
And then I shovel snow
Yea, I stand here by the sink
Cause' mummy has an aching back

Aaaaaa-ching baaa-aaack!

Then I hit the snow again
The white that only melt again
No laughing reach my ears
No colours left before my eyes
Where's the holiday that I dreamt
In a thought someone forgot

Get down to the sink
I he-ar all the time
Get to the dish, dishy-ishy
And then move the snow

I stand here by the sink
But my holiday it is now
No I won't stand here washing
I think I'll take my leave
Run away

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