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Originally Posted by HelpMeHelpYou
Alright here goes.

What happened was I was on the tablesaw and then next thing I know my finger hurts really bad. But not like I cut it more like I bashed with a rock so I'm swinging my arm around screaming profanities when then I remember what I learned it construction class that sometimes it doesn't feel like you've cut your finger. So I lift my hand up to my face to see what I did and thats when I realized just what I had done(see diagram below) and so then I go into shock, go to the medi-center and then they get me in and they take about 30 stabs at me to try to get the intervenus in . About 2 hours later I was on the oporating table and they're amputating it (the drugs were phoenominal by the way). And yea thats about it.

So what does your hand look like now?As in what got amputated.And dude that is tough
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