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Yeah I love Alex Webster's tone, especially on songs like "Crusing the Despised" "Fucked with a Knife" "Stripped Raped & Strangled" "Coffinfeeder" and alot more I can't think of right now, and his tone on the Live Cannibalism DVD fucking KICKS ASS...really punchy and fuzzy, lots of midrange that cuts through yet he still keeps the bottom end, difficult to get that kinda tone, even with an SVT
And of course I love cliff Burton's tone on the 2 best metallica albums that exist.....Ride the lightning and Master of Puppets he had a lovely growly sound.

Originally Posted by Paddy
Chances are there have been Irish in every corner of the world, no matter how remote. Our semen is listed in the World Health Organisation's Big Book of Pestilential Materials.
Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate
God, the Japanese are so weird. This HAS to be the long term effects of the atom bombs. No one is that weird on purpose.
Originally Posted by Gomli
The slams in that song always kill me. First time I heard that song I was like "Too much heaviness - brain collapse" but now I could murder my family to that one
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