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Originally Posted by sqol
I thought you really liked that amp, how comes the change to a 5150?

I do like it, but for all out-tone and high volume balls, a 5150 wins out. Originally, in my band, I was going to use the Crate to push subs and a 5150 combo to push a 2x12 and A/B my signal to both. Now I have a bassist, meaning that I can just focus on a guitar coming out of 12's. Which, as I can choose, I'll get a 5150.

Rapture, you've got dibs on it so far. PM or IM me, and we'll set up shipping addresses. If you pay for your shipping I'll pay for mine, and we could trade. Since the Crate goes for maybe 4-500 on E-bay and the 5150 5-600, I'll include a 100$ bill in your box somewhere.

EDIT : talking to you on AIM right now. Traded!
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