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Originally Posted by davie_gravy
You need to know whether your talking about the key of D major or minor. That makes a whirl of difference! Which in this context is major.

What you both are talking about is the relative scale... G Major is the relative scale of B Phygian. The relative scale of D minor is not D Major but F Major. Care to argue? What's the key signature for D minor? The only difference between the major and its minor is the note that the you treats as the tonal center (The mode). I rest my point...

Vivaldi, Your on the right track... Don't lose heart. Modes are meant to make life easier not harder. You are correct... If you wish to play B Phrygian, play the G Major scale starting on the B and center your playing around that note. But, the mode is not in the scale, it's in the song. Center your music around the Bm chord. If you play in the key of G the song will sound Phyrgian regardless of what scale patterns you use.

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