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Godsmack and Creed are total Alice in Chains rip-offs, that's why I don't like em, reason one. Scott Stapp makes me want to kill christians (like the Deicide song ), reason two. Tony Rombola's "solos" usually consist of him tremolo picking one note while gradually depressing a wah pedal, reason three. They both get really boring to listen to, reason four.

I liked both bands a while back, and the only reason I brought up Creed was for my first and second reasons.
Fuck Brad and everyone who looks like Brad. From the looks of this picture, I think he's jerking off too much. Keep him away from LouAnne.

I never fucked a 10, but one night I fucked five 2's.

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You really have no dignity. I would rather have sex with my fifty year old father.
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