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Acoustic Basses

I'm surprised there isn't already a thread on this topic.

Let us discuss Acoustic Basses!

What do you think of them, like or no?
Also what do you think of them in metal?
I can't think of any examples, I know Harris uses one sometimes, and I saw Billy Sheenan playing one in some shitty Mr. Big video, but I'm not really aware of whether they are used alot in metal...

I'm also thinking of buying one, on account that you can take it anywhere and play anywhere without worrying about amplification and electricity ...
I plan on playing on main street and seeing if anyone thinks I'm good enough to deserve their spare change

I've tried a few in music stores, they actually sound pretty awesome IMO. I once had the opportunity to play a fretless acoustic!! Now that was awesome, but I was in a hurry so I didn't really get to try it out properly ...

Does anyone know who makes good acoustics? I'm looking to buy a pretty cheap one (maybe 400 US dollars).

I'm also worried about getting an acoustic because usually the bridge and saddle cannot be adjusted so you have to be satisfied with whatever string height (and intonation for that matter) you have.
I might be wrong on this though ... I don't know much about acoustics.

Edit: I was writting acoustic with two 'c's (accoustic) and that pissed me off once I realized it was wrong.
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