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I'm pretty sure you've tried the GT line of Crate amps, which are'nt any better than Line 6's Spiders, really. The following is my rundown of all the combos I suggest you look at, and they're mainly on E-bay :

1. Crate Blue Voodoo 2x12/1x12 combo :

These run from about 60 to 100 watts of all tube tone, in either a 1x12 or 2x12 unit. People like them quite a bit, though some say you'll need a boost pedal to get out of it what you need. Try to get the Blue Tolex version if you can ( different circuitry ).

2. Peavey 5150 combo 2x12 combo :

60 watts, all tube, no introduction necessary.

3. Peavey Ultra 2x12 combo :

The predessessor to the Peavey XXX, many consider them both one and the same. Either way, an Ultra sounds pretty damned good.

4. Crate GX130 2x12 combo ( old ) :

For a straight ahead old Cannibal Corpse tone.

5. Peavey Classic 50 2x12 combo :

These are toneful units, but they require a boost pedal. I've recently discovered how great these things sound.

6. Just About Any Carvin 2x12 combo

Go to and have a look at all their combos. You can snag a solid-state 2x12 combo for just at 350$. Don't forget to look at their older stuff on e-bay \

7. Some Obscure Marshall Product

Every now and then someone on E-bay needs to get rid of a Marshall combo in good condition, sometimes you see an old unit with torn tolex and missing knobs ( but in good condition ) selling for a hell of a price.

Or :

Part of the advantage of slapping together some of your own cash for a unit that really cooks!

8. I almost forgot : The XXX combo

Get one of these if you can get 100$ or so of your own money to up your budget a bit. Once again, don't be afraid to take a chance on old-tolex or missing knobs if the unit is in perfect working order, you'll save a load!

9. Peavey Valveking :

I know you must be rolling your eyes at all the Peavey on my list, but trust me on this one. Peavey makes some great stuff! The Valveking is Peavey's answer to all the people who don't have 1,000 in the bank but still want an all-tube product from them that's new. Take it from me, these things do sound good :

Once again, you might have to get some money of your own with it to afford it, unless you can find one second hand --- then you have a great deal. And last :

10. Roll The Dice

Just go to E-bay and search "guitar tube combo" and
see what weird shit you come up with Also try 'tube combo', 'guitar amp', '2x12' combo, '4x10 guitar combo', anything you can dream up.

Good luck!
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