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Originally Posted by Unanything
I am intended on getting a 7-string and having a major 3rd between the 1st and 2nd strings allows me to play other higher-tuned 6-string music without awkwardnesses, and also play 7-string music without needing to go near the heads.

That seems like a complicated explanation but I get it now. Makes good sense too.

Originally Posted by Unanything
I have a solo in 49:16 time that goes down the harmonic minor, the root note determined as it follows each degree up the A Phrygian Dominant. Is that pitch axis or do you have to revolve each scale used around a single root note?

Exactly it has to revolve around the same root note for it to be considered a use of pitch axis.

49:16 time? Like 7 bars of 7:16? What is your tempo?!? quarter note=?

Funny timing is often easy for me but when the "funny" factor is a 16th note it gets complicated.
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