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Originally Posted by Unanything

Is this pitch axis? Oh, this is my riff. There is a Bb harmonic minor scale with an F bass note.
No. You stay in the same scale for that whole riff.

This would be an example:

The first bar is unchanged (I didn't bother figure out the timing or make the note durations add up ... is this 5/8?). The second bar is the exact same thing except I changed the major 3 to a minor 3 (I turned the A into Ab) - the scale is F phrygian. I put an Ab in near the beginning (replacing your Bb) so that the 'listener' (in this case, you listening to yourself play, heh) can hear a drastic change in the scale early in the bar.
Now this combination of a mode change only flattened one note, (and it probably sounds like crap but I don't have my bass handy to write a good riff) but if you were to play, say and F major for the second bar instead, then you might get a cool transition!
What makes this different than a scale change you might hear in a song is that these changes occur frequently (here once per bar) and thus there is constant change from one to the other (or if you want more than two, through your list of modes with F as the root, like in Satriani's songs).

By the way, do most bare tone (damn I have no idea how you spell this, what I mean is a 6 string designed to have B as the lowest note) have the 3rd interval between the first and second string or do you just tune that way for some strange purpose? It seems odd that it would be tuned that way, inconvenient for chords and such. (or do you own a 7 string and you just didn't bother tab the high 'D' string since it wasn't used?)

If you do have a 6er and do tune the 3rd between the two first strings, why?
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