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Originally Posted by witchofendor
hey how do you do a pinched harmonic? i have done natural harmonics, but describe to me detailed how to do it, like "while hitting the string, quickly place your thumb. blah blah blah"

something descriptive. any info will help. thanks.

I remeber having problems learning this once. It is actually really hard to explain how to do it correctly. It's just like chewing food. Easy to do, but how the hell would you explain how you do it step by step to someone that has never done it. When you first start chewing food I bet it would have hurt if you had a lot of teeth. Bitting your tongue, scraping the sides of your jaws, choking on unchewed food; these are the things you learned to over come.

Pinch harmonics are much the same way. It is all in the picking hand. It took me 6 weeks, if I remember right before I could actually do it intentionally everytime. Plus, with more time I learned that you must do it at a certain part of the string, depending on the string and the note you are trying to A.H.

My only tips are to hold the pick so that there isn't much of it to hit the string, and to hold it at a steeper angle to the string. That way both the pick and your skin actually "sound" the note (A.H.) at the same time. That isn't all there is to it but it isn't easy to descibe. You will learn, with time and practice, in a short time, just how it is done. Remember when you where a kid and seeing people ride 2 wheel bikes was like magic? Then you finally learned what balance was? Pinch harmonics is really the same way. Anyone can hit a string with a pick, but pinch harmonics is a completely different thing.
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