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Originally posted by PST 88
To be honest, and no disrespect meant towards Killing is My Business, which is by all means a classic work by a damn good band, but I cant in good conscience endorse it as the best first record out there. That honor would have to go, in my mind, to the live debut album of Necrofucker, Live at Madison Square Garden. It 's just so fuckin edgy.

Still, I do like Killing is My Business, and can respect, if not agree with, that choice.

Havent been able to find any

Fender0823: ok here's a good one.........
Fender0823: what if u could have all the babes u wanted in ur bed, but once a month u had to wear a shirt in public that said "I like my men in short shorts" would u do it
Fender0823: :-X god im scary
Fender0823: lol
Fender0823: this is what alcohol does to me.
Ulimnar: hell yeah i would, lol, that'd be hilarious
Fender0823: lmfao!!!!!!!
Fender0823: hahahahahahaha
Fender0823: can i put this in my sig on metaltabs
Fender0823: lololol
Ulimnar: but I'd also carry a gun for any homos that took it seriously

"Wally Leaves us officially" - Ulimnar: lol I think it'll work now...goodbye man
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