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You gamma-minus fucktards
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Welcome to our newest forum! UPDATED 02/02

Hello, fuckwads!

This is our new forum devoted solely to you pimping your own ridiculous hubris and bullshit. You asked for it, and for some reason, you got it. Why you didn't simply get a kick in the testes from a large farm animal is beyond me.

ANYWAY! This forum is designed for:

* People who need band members (in X State, Y Country)
* People looking to start or join a band
* People who want to buy or sell music related stuff
* People promoting their fantastic new EP, street team or other merch related horsefuck
etc. etc.

Anything that conforms to these descriptions will be moved here from other forums, most likely with a note from me which refers to you as some kind of diseased serial molester.

Pretty simple concept. However! Anything that still qualifies as spam (stock/web/TV promotion, enlarge-your-penis pills etc.) will be deleted, the poster will be permanently banned and Dissection will stumpfuck your kids before their 5th birthdays. Seriously.

In addition to the above, any thread which isn't actually a classified ad (and which isn't spam) will get the poster a week off. Don't fuck around in this forum.

Happy Pimpin' and Promotin'!
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