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listening to the radio and............

well i just wanna say this, i know im gonna get bashed for it though..........

i was listening to the radio and Awake by Godsmack came on, it was the first time i listened to the song all the way through. i didn't really like the song that much, it was ok. my point is, i think that they are by no means at all a nu-metal band. it was a solid song. it had a a cool solo too. after hearing that and the other Godsmack songs I've heard i came to the conclusion that i am not a fan of them, but they are just as "metal", as any of the bands on this site. hell, many bands here are softer than them....... so im curious if anyone can explain to me why they are considered nu metal. is it just because their popular?

by the way... i wanna get some responses here so mods, please dont get close this thread just because its about a band that people consider nu metal.........

if you have any bashing to do PM me, dont make this thread a flame war cause i wanna here everyone's opinion.....
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