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Originally Posted by witchofendor
hey how do you do a pinched harmonic? i have done natural harmonics, but describe to me detailed how to do it, like "while hitting the string, quickly place your thumb. blah blah blah"

something descriptive. any info will help. thanks.

Just hold your pick where the side of your thumb is even with the pick end of the pick. Fret a note, try something on the A or D string, then strike the string. This should lightly brush your thumb against the string right after striking. Where you pick the string determines the harmonics, different spots get ya different harmonics, not sure what your pickup config is, but your sure to get a good squal right around the middle-center of the middle pickup, or wherever the middle pickup would be if you had one. There's also a sweet spot right in front of the bridge pickup. Hope this helps...
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