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Originally Posted by Robbie Filth
I havn't really read through the Powertabs thread yet but i can't figure this out for shit i can't even work out how to delete a wrong note. I got it today and i been using guitar pro 4 for a while and i can use that fine.

Also i'd like to know about i can hear a bass line in other tabs on here but i can't find the bass line on the actual tab.

To delete a note: click on the note (so that it is selected), then press 'delete' on your keyboard.

The bass and treble sections are separated. Press F3 to get to the bass section and F2 to get back to the treble section.

If this pisses you off you can just put a bass in the guitar section so that all the instruments are on one page. Go to 'guitar in' and create a new guitar but make it a bass, then add a bass clef.
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