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Originally Posted by Silent Night 6 6
K, this has nothing to do with playing material, but I've been having problems with my fingers. After playing for some time, I build up calices on my fingers, and they get all hard and shit. Now this has happened twice before on the same finger, the 3rd finger. The calice on it eventually starts ripping off, and it when I start playing and bending strings, it opens up a cut on the finger. Now I've got a fucking open cut on the finger and it hurts like a bitch playing. Anyone else experience this before, or anyone know a way to like put something on your finger so you can play w/out it hurting?

i have no idea what you mean with calice ... sry my english is fucked up
anyways the n1 rule for all injuries (broken arm... sliced finger... no matter what)
is to stop playing immediatly. you stop playing as long as you dont feel pain anymore otherwise you will make it even worse. and let me make sure that there is no option you will ruin youre playing if you keep on playing and ignore the wound. if calice is something like horny skin you are maybe pushing the strings to hard. but even then its better to stop ...the only the thing that changes is that it will heal much slower

if its something like a wart you have to visit a docter to remove it.
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