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Originally Posted by Soeru
I might go to the NYC show exclusively for Amon Amarth. CoB are great but I just don't really care for them, and much less nowadays. Trivium just suck ass.

I was in Utah on the 19th And it was a good show
But Amon Amarth only played like 4 or 5 songs and were the first ones
So it was really short, but i wish i could of see more of them.
Trivium made the biggest pit in there,(I dont know if it was cause of the Hardcore people) they were ok they played alot of songs.The bassits is a little guy hahahaha.
C.O.B Fuckin badass like and hour long show or more dont remember. But it was
cool everybody went nuts. Alexi another small guy. The drummer had a solo

And then it was Alexi and the keyboard guy doing solo's it was cool to see

It was a good show but wish Amon Amarth was the headline.
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