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Chord Building

Ok so I need a lesson on Chord Building, Im pretty good at comprehending things when it comes to theory, but I need some things cleared up here. Btw I know how to do it, but I need help transfering it to guitar. So I know how to build triads. Lets use a G chord as an example for this. A G triad is:


A guess a G seventh chord would be


And so forth. Now on guitar, to play a G Major chord I would play the

E String: 3rd Fret (G)
A String: 2nd Fret (B)
e String: 3rd fret (G) (This confuses me I didnt realize this untill now)

But there is also all the Open strings (D)(G)(B)

Thats 6 notes...Which would be an 11th chord?

But anyway, can someone explain how to play a G Triad, G Seventh, G Ninth, etc and why.
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